Meet Anna —

Anna Couvrette is a live auctioneer who works in partnership with non-profit organizations and development teams to fundraise much needed revenue in support of missions that often have a life changing impact.

Anna has served as an apprentice in the non-profit industry for many years, often working alongside seasoned professionals specializing in the arts and education fields. She understands the time and effort that are required to execute successful events which demand tenacity and creativity while helping to motivate guests embrace the purpose and vision of an organization through philanthropy.

Since February of 2017, Ms. Couvrette has worked with numerous clients throughout San Diego County. Her dynamic portfolio includes high profile organizations such as Sharp Healthcare, Women in Aviation International, and Ronald McDonald House, amongst others. Trained and mentored by one of San Diego’s most renowned auctioneers, Clint Bell, Anna continues to work closely with Clint Bell Productions.

Anna has acquired a BA in Theater from USC and a minor in Business.